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Book Review – All your kids need Part 2 of 2

May 25, 2012

Today we will look at the rest of the book – All your kids need (read part 1 here)

Some more sewing projects. The title says it’s formal wear for school entrance ceremony which apparently is a big thing at the beginning of the school term. But you can adapt it and use it for any other formal occasion.

Formal wear patterns for mum as well!

I’m not quite following in the order of the book, because I wanted to cover the sewing patterns first. So now we can move on to the accessories. This book as a lot of handicraft ideas, all for school going children age. Some are related to school and some are just for fun. Like accessories!

Crochet projects

Knitting projects with is that what you call a mini-knitter? (with step by step photographs at the bottom of the page)

Oh this reminds me of Mr Bean’s bear! 🙂

And check out these beads dolls. Looks complicated but there are clear instructions below.

Wire fram holder/hooks. Looks easy in the pictures but I bet it takes some skill and practice to make the words or animals recognizable!

Stencils – how to color them and apply them on various medium, as well as ideas on where you can use them.

One of my favourite crafts. Rubber stamping. The book includes ideas and templates for you to create your own.

The book includes step by step instructions of course. But in case you can’t wait to pick up the book, you can check out the free tutorial that I created
(and was featured on the Mollie Makes blog last year)

This is what you can do with the stamps. Labels for your own sewing creations, labels for your child’s belongings. There are so many things that need labelling!

You can stamp on canvas shoes too! Remember to get the right type of stamp pad for the medium you are using.

Back to more school related crafts. Lunch bags. Lots of options. All cute! I love that stripey nautical one (k) with the rainbow motif. And bag (a) which is a tie-top.

More lunch bags and accessories.

Customized elastic bands for your bento boxes. I made two for my kids and it can double up as a hair scrunchy!

Have you seen how well decorated Japanese bentos are? Unbelievable. I need more arms and legs and time in the morning to get this ready.
Unfortunately the recipes are all in Japanese, but well, I just get inspired by the pictures.

Ideas for a birthday party. Japanese style. I just love the styling and presentation. Makes everything look yummy.

If you would like to get this book, take note of the sewing pattern sizes. This book is for kids 100-130cm and the Mum patterns only come in M and L sizes (table shows bust/waist/hip measurements in that order). So if you want to get this book for the sewing patterns make sure this is what you need.

An example of the instructions.

There are no step by step photographs for the sewing projects, but there are diagrams such as this.

This is the pattern piece. I guess because they needed to cover so many projects, it is quite hard to fit everything in so it is considerably a lot more mind boggling than the other books I have come across. But have no fear! 🙂 The projects are listed around the edge of the paper, so follow the line carefully and you should be able to find them.

Happy sewing!

Title : All your kids need
ISBN no. : 9784579111336
Publisher : 文化出版局
Pages : 187

Next week I will be featuring the new Drape Drape book in english. I know it’s not strictly a Japanese sewing book, but I think there are not many reviews on the english version yet. So come back next week!

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