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April Sew Along – Pattern A1 and A2 from Feminine Wardrobe – Part 2 of 2

And here is Part 2 of this month’s sew-along. Click here for Part 1  if you need to refer to it. Just a quick note about the finishing of the hem (Step 7). Before you finish the hem, try on the dress first and see if you like the length. I found it too long (below the knee […]

April Sew Along – Pattern A1 and A2 from Feminine Wardrobe – Part 1 of 2

aprsewalong (2)

This month’s sew-along, as decided by your votes, is this Sleeveless Dress with Bow Sash from the book Feminine Wardrobe (translated to English).  Those of you who took part in the poll early this month will know that it was a very close fight between this and a the Button up blouse from Stylish Dress […]

April Sew-Along Poll Results

The results were very very close, and the winner (by 1 vote only) is the  Sleeveless Dress with Bow Sash! From Feminine Wardrobe: Town, Party, Resort (in English) pg 6. I will be filming the sew-along video next week, and posting it up the week after (21st April). If you have the book and would like to sew […]

Poll – Sew Along for April 2014

Time for a Sew-Along Poll! I made up my mind this year, to make good use of my Japanese Sewing Books collection and it’s time to do so. I’ve shortlisted 3 “I will most likely wear” pieces that I want to make,  but I need you to help me decide which one you would like […]

Simple wallet sewing video tutorial with free pattern – Sew-along Day #2

Welcome to Day#2 of our sewing video tutorial. Do you have all your materials ready? Let’s start! To begin with, please refer to the layout diagram below, for the positioning of the different parts of the wallet. You will need to mark the position of the velcro strips on the outer and inner fabrics. Note […]

Simple wallet sewing video tutorial with free pattern – Sew-along Day #1


This month’s sew-along, or rather, sewing tutorial, is a simple wallet that I made for my girl to carry to school. As she is only in primary school, she only needs to carry some loose change, a couple of bills occasionally, as well as a single student ID card.  So this is a very simple, […]

Poll – Sew-Along for February

  I will be sewing some back to school items this month, even though school has already started for a month ;P I just didn’t have time to do so in December, but I guess it’s better late than never? So since I will be sewing anyway, I thought I might as well use one […]

Girls Qi Pao / Chinese Dress sew-along Pattern variation


I have been seeing lots of YOUR creations on my Facebook page and I can tell you it’s been wonderful seeing them.  Now it’s my turn to show you mine. First of all, I said I was going to sew on Chinese brocade, and I did. I made one dress but I was not happy with it. […]

Girls Qi Pao (Chinese Dress) Sew Along Day 3

Today we are going to tackle the side zipper opening of the dress. This took me a few experiments to figure it out. I am not even sure if this is the correct way to do it but it works! So here goes…. What we did yesterday… 1. Cut out fabric. 2. Preparation work – […]

Girls Qi Pao (Chinese Dress) Sew Along Day 2

Ok so I did discover a mistake myself while preparing the sewing video. I left out the zip in the list of materials! So here the is the list of materials again, with the zip lengths included. Materials (in order of sizes 98 / 110 / 122 / 134) 1. Outer Fabric (based on 90cm wide fabric […]