Book Flip Through Videos

Book Flip Through Videos of my Japanese Sewing Patterns Book Collection

August 22, 2016

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” user=”PLIv416S8Qg-nDnnIqf4bpSma0VZWP70CA” key=”AIzaSyCLaxFWuZfuedEItFBlCwsYFrOp3i3SRhM” maxitems=”9″ thumb_columns_phones=”3″ title=”1″ thumbnail_alignment=”top” player_description=”1″ player_description_words_number=”200″ thumbnail_alignment_width=”half” link_tx=”click here for more videos on my youtube channel” link=”1″]

The latest videos will always be first published on my Instagram account which is also linked to my Facebook page. The detailed information for each book will be added to the youtube description a few days later, so please bookmark this page or subscribe to me on youtube! Just click Subscribe below!


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