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Win a bolt of nani IRO 2019

February 25, 2019

For the second year running, Japanese Sewing Books is holding the #winaboltofnaniiro competition in conjunction with Nekoneko Fabric ( If you have been following us on Instagram, you would have seen the poll we conducted a few days ago asking you to choose your favorite designs out of this years new designs. And this was by far the clear winner!


This collection is called Saison which is the French word for Seasons and this is what Naomi Ito says about the design (source : Continue Reading

Giveaways Japanese Craft Books

Book Flip Through – Needle Felted Kittens (plus GIVEAWAY!)

February 2, 2019

Today’s review is another Japanese craft book that has been translated into English by Nippan IPS. It’s really amazing and I’ve never seen the likes of this level of artistry before. You really have to see it to believe it! The book sample was provided by Nippan IPS and they are also generously sponsoring a giveaway prize which I will talk about at the end of the post. Let’s have a look at the book first!

The title of the book is called Needle Felted Kittens, by Hinali, a needle felting artist. Hinali is a self taught needle felting artist who started felting in 2011, and participated in exhibitions at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. After her creations were shown on TV, they quickly went viral and she’s super popular on IG. You can follow her on her Instagram account @hinali_felt for all of her felting creations. There are even some videos of her making the felt kittens and it’s really fascinating to watch!

The book starts off with a photo collection of needle felted cats that Hinali has made over the years. Then there is this page called Hinali’s cats, which I thought was a series of photos of her cats in real life that inspired her to make such life-like cats, before I took a closer look and realized they were actually needle felted cats. Hmm.. or are they are real cats? I can’t tell!!!

So how does one go about getting started on making such life-like cats? The book begins with the most basic techniques, and introduces you to all the materials and tools you need, how to blend wool to create different colors.  There are even detailed photos to show you how to to hold a needle and prick wool correctly. Really beginner friendly.

There are also additional tips for creating very fine details, including how to create a cover to stop pricking your own fingers (those of you who have tried felting must have jabbed yourself before – like me! :P) as well as creating a longer needle to reach hard to reach areas.

There are also tips for cutting wool tufts, a Q&A section about very frequently encountered problems during felting and how to resolve them. I would say this is a very very detailed book with lots of hinali’s own needle felting techniques that will help you create not just kittens, but any other object you want to create.

The book then progresses to the projects you can make from this book. And the projects cover a variety of cats with different fur patterns and poses, so that you create your very own variation with your own cat! The projects include


Orange and white tabby kitten (in a sitting down pose)


Scottish Fold Cat (half-sitting up)


Tortoiseshell Cat (sitting catloaf style)


Tortoiseshell Point Siamese Cat (sitting) / Tortoiseshell-and-White Cat (lying down)


Cats with just their Faces , Cats inside Frames


Each of the project comes with really detailed step by step photos, plus all descriptions of the steps in English, so there is absolutely no problem understanding it!

If you are a cat owner or lover, or just want to try your hands at making one of these lifelike needle felted kittens, how about a giveaway?


Want to learn how to make your own felted kitten? You might have a chance to win a copy of this book – 

generously sponsored by the publisher NIPPAN IPS!

This giveaway will run on my Instagram account only. Hop on over to take part!
IG page –

The giveaway will run for a week from today till 9th February (Sat) 0900hrs (UTC +8)


Can’t wait for the giveaway and want to buy own your own copy? Needle Felted Kittens (in English) is available on (Aff link)



nani IRO bolt and book giveaway

March 5, 2018


After 3 days of voting, the blue linen came out tops in the poll!

So 1 bolt of this blue linen from the nani IRO 2018 collection, plus 1 copy of the latest book – Atelier to nani IRO’s Sewing Closet, will be given away!

Here’s how to enter.


This giveaway will be held on Instagram only.

Here’s how to enter. Go to the Giveaway post on Instagram

  1. Like the Giveaway post on Instagram and Follow @japanesesewingbooks on Instagram
  2. Hop on over to’s Instagram page and follow @nekonekofabric on Instagram
  3. Post a photo on your own Instagram account with one OR more of the following, with the hashtag #winaboltofnaniiro. Every post with a valid hashtag gives you one extra chance of winning!
    – your nani IRO makes
    – your nani IRO stash
    – or repost the giveaway banner image from my giveaway post.
    IMPORTANT! We will only be able to view your entry if your account is set to Public and you have added the hashtag – #winaboltofnaniiro so don’t forget to do so!

  4. Tag at least 3 friends in the comments below the giveaway post (on Instagram), whom you think will love to take part in this giveaway. One tag per comment please! The more friends you tag, the more chances you have to win!

This giveaway is open worldwide and ends 31st March (Saturday) 2359pm Singapore time (UTC +8) The more photos you submit, the greater your chances of winning! One very lucky winner will be picked randomly out of all the entries and announced the following Monday (2nd April)

 Can’t wait to see all your nani IRO makes and fabric stash. Have fun and good luck!


Choose your Bolt Giveaway – nani IRO 2018

March 2, 2018


ONE WHOLE BOLT. I know right? I have never heard of such a thing until Nekonekofabric suggested this crazy idea to me. I can’t say no right? I have to think of all you guys…. So thanks to the generosity of Nekonekofabric, here’s the best every nani IRO fabric giveaway for you!

I immediately thought of the fabric I wanted to giveaway. Of all the new 2018 nani IRO designs, the Ripple range was my favourite. Ok for those of you who have been seeing this in other names. I am also not entirely sure what the correct name is, because on the official website, it is both referred to as Pippre and Rippre, but in the description of the design it says “Ripple”. The Japanese text that accompanies it also refers to the inspiration from さざなみ which shows up as kanji 漣/細波 which translates to ripples/wavelets.

I then checked the book – Atelier to nani IRO’s Sewing closet, and found it referred to as Ripple. which does make a lot more sense doesn’t it? In any case, it is the most interesting abstract piece in this year’s collection and it comes in 4 equally amazing colorways. But the problem with that is, I can’t decide which one to giveaway! Note that they are different substrates too. The first two are thin linens, and the last two are double gauzes.

rippleAA (thin linen)


B (thin linen)


C (double gauze)


D (double gauze)

images © ATELIER to nani IRO by KOKKA & Naomi Ito

Here’s what you need to do. Hop on over to my IG post, or my Facebook page and just vote for your favourite color. This is NOT THE GIVEAWAY yet. But your vote is important because you get to help to decide the colorway for the giveaway!

This poll will run for the next 3 days and will end Sunday 10pm (SG time –  UTC+8). I will announce the final choice of color as well as the giveaway details on Monday morning (SG time – UTC+8)

Giveaways Japanese Fabrics

6th Birthday Giveaway

December 13, 2017

And before we know it, another year has come and gone. Japanese Sewing Books is turning 6 today! Those of you who have been following my blog may know that I have been busy preparing for my PDF pattern shop that will be launching really soon. But don’t worry, I am still going to keep blogging about Japanese sewing books. In fact, I have more books to review and I will get back to reviewing them once my shop has been launched.


In line with tradition, we have to celebrate blogiversaries with giveaways… right? So here’s what I’m giving away today! The latest book by Couturier Sewing Class (book review here), as well as 4 different colors of Koizumi knits generously sponsored by


For those of you who are not following me on IG, this is what I made with this super soft knit from Koizumi fabrics. This dress is the relax dress from the book by Fu-ko basics (book review here)


The dress is really comfortable and easy to wear, you can even skip the back button enclosure if you are lazy 😛 but it is so much nicer as a design detail. You don’t even need to unbutton to get into the dress.

Koizumi fabrics are usually meant for domestic market and and it was hard to buy them previously without having to go through the Rakuten + shipping forwarding method. Until I found them on nekonekofabric. Unfortunately, after I posted the photo on IG, the mint seems to have gone out of stock, I hope the stock will be replenished soon, but here’s how you can win some!


There are 4 colors, 1meter each, up for grabs!

So this is how it will work. There will be 4 prizes. The first person picked out of the entire pool of entries, will win the book plus her choice of fabric color. The rest of the entries will be grouped by color and one winner will be picked from each of the remaining 3 colors. I hope that’s not too hard to understand… But anyway, just take part and you might win something 🙂

To take part, you have to comment on the color of fabric you want. You can either

  1. Comment below
  2. Comment on the giveaway post on IG 
  3. Comment on the giveaway post on Facebook

One comment per person please. Duplicates will be deleted. Obviously if you comment on all 3 channels, you will increase your chances of winning. And yes if you comment on all 3 channels with different colors, you will also increase your chances of winning something! Especially if you can’t decide which is your favourite color.

The giveaway will end 15th December 9am Singapore time (UTC+8). Winners will be announced the following day. Good luck!

This giveaway has ended, and the winners are