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Giveaway – Fabric Bundle from Modes4U

It’s time for another great giveaway! This time round, you stand to win a wonderful fabric bundle from the kind folks at Modes4U. Modes4U is an online shop selling all kinds of cute stuff, many imported from Japan and their selection is just simply out of this world! They have all the cute character goods from […]

Japanese Fabrics – nani IRO 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about fabrics, maybe it’s because I haven’t been buying much lately. This might change soon after checking out the nani IRO 2014 collection! It’s been out for a while now, but I’ve never had time to look at it carefully. Here are the designs for this year and […]

Simple wallet sewing video tutorial with free pattern – Sew-along Day #2

Welcome to Day#2 of our sewing video tutorial. Do you have all your materials ready? Let’s start! To begin with, please refer to the layout diagram below, for the positioning of the different parts of the wallet. You will need to mark the position of the velcro strips on the outer and inner fabrics. Note […]

Japanese Fabrics – New Fabric finds from Autumn Magazines


I have been getting a lot of queries about where to buy the magazines, and I have not replied some of you yet. Sorry about that, but what I am going to do is to compile a list of sources for purchasing Japanese sewing books and magazines. That will be ready next week! In the […]

Japanese Fabrics – Lecien Toy Pop and TP collections

I can’t remember what I was searching for, but I stumbled upon these two cute collections by Lecien Fabrics. According to the descriptions, these are collaborations with the fabric shop Yuzawaya. Just wanted to show you guys a couple of interesting ones since I’ve not noticed them before. I’m not sure how they are grouped […]

Summer Fabrics 2013


In the spirit of summer, let’s have a look at some really “cool” fabrics, especially the fabrics used in Japan for making Yukatas and Jinbeis ! There are no strict rules for the type of fabrics that can be used for yukatas and jibeis, but most of the fabrics recommended in the magazines are 100% cotton […]

Directions to nani IRO Atelier


While the memory is still fresh in my mind, I thought it would be useful to jot down the directions to the nani IRO Atelier in Osaka. Some of you who might be heading to Osaka for a holiday might find it useful if you are going fabric shopping. It is definitely worth a visit […]

eBook Review – Tokyo Craft Guide


Usually on Thursdays, I like to share fabric finds, or post about fabric shopping. But I just had to do this eBook review today because it is totally relevant to fabric + craft shopping! You must have heard about the Tokyo Craft Guide by now, for those of you who have already bought it, I […]

Kawaii Japanese Fabrics


I’m a big fan of kawaii (かわいい means cute in Japanese) fabrics. Well, I’ve been a Sanrio fan since I was a kid. Not just Hello Kitty, but also My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedo Sam, Minna no Tabo… so many more! But today’s fabrics are not about these famous characters, but characters from storybooks and […]

Spring Fabrics 2013


One of the good things about sewing magazines is that you get to see lots of new Spring fabrics! I’ve compiled a list of my favourites below. Some were discovered through magazines, the others through online “window shopping”. Links to the sources are found below the photos. I do most of my fabric browsing on […]