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Translation Request – C zip


Today’s translation request is for Sheri, who needed to make this jacket for a wedding later this month. The pattern is from this book which I reviewed two years ago   Patterns (C/ 1 side) Back bodice, Front bodice, Yoke, Front edge facing Front neckline facing, Sleeve slit facing, side slit facing Pocket top, pocket […]

Translation Request – for Janene

This is a translation request for a pocket dress, requested by Janene, from a book that I almost forgot I had! おしゃまな女の子のお洋服 ISBN : 978-4529047678 Pocket Dress on Page 12 1. Fold over the top edge of the central panel fabric, sew a casing and insert elastic band. 2, Make side pockets on side panel fabrics, sew […]

Translation Request – for Meghan

A translation request for Meghan from a bag pattern book.

Translation Request – for Eka


Today’s translation request is dress C3 from this book リネンの服 ウールの服  Click on the images below to view the detailed translations. Let me know if you have any questions about the translations, Eka. In the meantime, happy sewing!

Translation Request – Sewing Recipe for Girl’s pg 24

I’m catching up on my backlog of translation requests! Here’s one that Vy requested late last year (Sorry! :P) Hope it’s not too late! The pattern is for basic pattern #2.  The instructions on page 73.   and here’s the translation! Materials Fabric [Cotton Print] ……. based on 110cm wide fabric For Heights 100cm,110cm use […]

Translation Request – Silk Linen Pants


Today’s translation request came from Amanda through Facebook. It’s for a pair of silk linen pants from this book いつでも着たい服 (ISBN 978-4579112999) Size chart for the pants. Cutting layout diagram Click on above image to zoom in. Hope that helps Amanda! Happy Sewing! Oh, and did you guys know that my blog is turning 2 yrs […]

Translation Request – She has a mannish style – style 05

As mentioned on my book review She has a mannish style earlier this week, I received a translation request for Style 05 – Velour Blouse. The instructions were made up of 2 pages which I have separated out into 3 different images below. click on each image to zoom in Step 5 of the how-to-make reminds me […]

Translation Request – Types of interfacing


Today’s translation request is from Yulia, who needed some help translating the different types of interfacing used in this book –  More Handmade Wallets that I reviewed quite a while ago.   About interfacing An introduction about the interfacing used in this book. In particular the [Box type coin pouch], [Accordian type], we have to use […]

Translation Request – Puff sleeve blouse with back opening


Today’s translation request is for Vy. Style D – Puff sleeve blouse with back opening from one of my favourite books! click on image to zoom Oshare ga Suki na Onnanoko no Fuku Mano Akiko

Translation Request – Attaching a button placket


This translation was requested by Courtney, who needed help with Step 1 of dress h from this book. Step 1 is the attachment of the button placket. I had never sewn one of these before, but I’ve always been curious to how it actually works. The instructions from the book are translated below, click on […]