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Translation Request – Quilted Hanten Pattern from nani IRO

This should be my last translation request for the next few months as I will be taking some time off for family I will still be posting book reviews and new book finds though, since I can’t possible stop buying sewing books right? Anyway, this is a long overdue translation request from Lila. Thank you […]

Translation Request – Quilt Pattern for E Ray

Today’s translation request is for E Ray who needed help with the translating the pattern for quilt #2. There was not much information to translate this pattern other than the material list, as the actual quilt making techniques seems to be located on another page of Basic Techniques (page number also not mentioned). Anyway, I […]

Help with Patterns – Basic Black dress b


Tina emailed me asking for help in figuring out the dimensions for making the tiers for this dress. Dress b from Basic Black. I don’t blame you Tina, it took me a while to figure it out. The answer laid in two tiny circular symbols… Yup, two tiny circles. Couldn’t they have used a star […]

Translation Request – for Emma


This week’s translation request is from this book – Straight Stitch Sewing Tunics and Dresses by Sato Watanabe.  The pattern translated is for pattern E variation 2. click on image to zoom in Materials Fabric – 2 Way Toriko Satin [Solpano 4112999] 145cm wide x 1.8m (you can purchase the exact fabric here ) Interfacing : […]

Translation Request – nani IRO Baby Shoes


Laura wrote to me end of June, asking me to translate this pattern for her, so that she could sew this for her best friend’s son. He is about 7 months old, and I hope these shoes will fit him since there is no size indication on the pattern. The original pattern is free and […]

Translation Request – Kimono Top


This translation request is for a Kimono Top. The pattern is from the 2014 Winter. Early Spring edition of Cucito magazine. Click on the images to zoom in.  Happy Sewing!

Translation Requests – Nani Iro Kids Culottes

This pattern translation was requested by Vania, and I’m sure many of you will find it useful since it is a free pattern, the construction diagram is provided, and it will be perfect for summer! Use your favourite nani iRO double gauze fabric, or a light cotton lawn for best effect. The original pattern is […]

Translation Request – How to Sew Gathers

Hi Wendy, this translation is for you. I know I still owe you part 2 (sewing the bias necklines) but this took a while as it was quite wordy So please give me some more time for part 2. Also, I hope I got most of the translation correct. Some phrases were hard to translate […]

Translation Request – Vest from Cucito Early Spring 2014 – for Nina


A translation request from Nina for this vest from the winter/early spring edition of Cucito 2014. For those of you who have this magazine, the pattern is on page 95. Click on the image above to zoom in There was another request for a kimono pattern in the same magazine to be translated, I will […]

Translation Request for Julia

I’ve been really behind on my translation requests, so I will try to clear my backlog  by posting one translation a week over the next few weeks. Julia sent me this request to translate two free patterns from Otsukaya. The two patterns are actually very similar in structure, except that one requires a zip and […]