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Book Review and Giveaway – Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids – Now in English


If you have been following my site faithfully for the past few years, you may remember the balloon dress sew-along from this book two years ago? I know many of you purchased the Japanese version upon my recommendation and created beautiful balloon dresses (the one shown on the cover) and made other dresses from it […]

Book Review – Straight Line Sewing Dress and Tunics for Ladies


This week’s book review is about Straight Line Sewing (again!) It’s a relatively new book, just published in June this year. I’ve seen and even bought quite a number of these straight line sewing books so it’s not a new concept, but what I really like about this one is the design and styling of […]

Book Review – Handmade Bag Basics


I picked up this book from the Kinokuniya sale over the National Day weekend. It is a book about the basics of handmade bags and it’s great for beginners! This book is split up into 3 main sections. The first section is more like a textbook, and goes through all the basics you need to […]

Book Review – The Best Dresses


I’m sorry for posting later and later into the week. I have been bogged down by work earlier this week and hopefully next week will be back to normal. My list of translation requests is growing too (sorry to keep you waiting!) and I’ve been wanting to do up some sewing videos too, but just […]

Book Review – Clean and Natural


I’m back from vacation! It was really great to get away for one whole week, not having to check my email from work was really stress relieving and the cool temperatures of Adelaide was a welcome change from the searing hot weather we’ve been having for the past month. We stayed in a lovely seaside […]

Book Review – Making clothes for my own style


I had so many ambitious sewing plans for the June holidays! Including having real sewing lessons with my daughters. So far we have only managed to make 1 shoebag, and the rest of the time seemed to have zoomed by in a flash with other activities and a birthday celebration. I didn’t even find time […]

Magazine Review – Cotton Time May 2014

The covers of Cotton Time magazines never fail to brighten up my day. Look at this pretty and super colorful mix of bags, zakka, accessories…. Yes, all these projects and more are included in this month’s edition. Fabric freebie! A 40x26cm wide piece from Sweet Charms fabric design range by Cosmo-tex. It’s the same fabric […]

Book Sneak Preview – Basic Black


This book is not out in the bookstores yet but thanks to the very kind folks at Tuttle, I received a copy for a sneak preview. The title of the book is Basic Black, and needless to say, all the garments featured are black. Have no fear if you are not a fan of wearing […]

Book Review – Magazine Pattern School


Today’s book review is a book I bought without having any idea what is inside. I bought it purely because of the description on the cover. (Note that there aren’t any real photos of the completed pieces unless you count the tiny ones on the bottom right hand corner) From the top – You are […]

Magazine Review – Cucito Spring 2014

Today we are going to take a look at the Spring Issue of Cucito  2014. This issue will satisfy anyone who loves sailor suits. Especially adorable on children! The sailor tops come in boys, girls and even an adult version for Mom! (in S,M,L sizes) There are also patterns for bottoms that will go well […]