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Book Flip Through Review – Coat Sewing

December 10, 2018


Today’s book review will take on a different format, one that I hope will allow me to post more book reviews quicker and faster! So what’s the difference? I noticed that ever since I started posting book flip through videos, the photos became quite redundant. So I’m going to just post the videos on various channels, and then summarise my thoughts about this book in my blog. I hope that this will speed things up a lot more because I have so many books sitting on my desk waiting to be reviewed I fear I will never catch up with them all!

Today’s book review is about this book on Sewing Coats. Don’t ask me why I bought it, but I have a strange obsession with coats. I really wish I could wear them more often but it’s so hot here in Singapore, even in December. But never mind, I bought the book anyway because I’m really interested to know how to make one!

So here’s the book flip through video, and I’ll share my thoughts about the book below!

There are 18 different coats you can make from this book, and the main categories are the pattern styles – there is the Drop Shoulder / Raglan Sleeve / Tailer Collar coat, Set in Sleeve as well as the Kimono sleeves. Each of the 18 coats are a variation of one of these main pattern types. The patterns are for Ladies size S-LL.

Based on these 5 different basic templates, are 18 different arrangements you can make. Detailed step by step lesson are provided for the Tailored coat which is fully interfaced and lined. I believe it is the most complicated of them all so there are lots of techniques that you can refer to from here.

There are also detailed step by step photos you need for making different types of pockets – namely, Patch pockets, Seam pockets (side pockets), Welt pockets, Box pockets (direct translation from Japanese but I think these are single welt pockets/ broad welt side pockets).

With these detailed instructions, you can make up any kind of coat, even mix and match your own styles from trench coat to duffle coat, to the simple collarless style which I love so much.

So if you love coats and especially if you actually need one this winter (or even the next), why not make one of your own? I think this book provides really clear instructions and not much translation seems to be needed. In fact, the rating on this book on Amazon was 4.6 stars, and most of them said that the instructions were easy to understand.

Coat wo Nuo. Sorosoro Chosen, Totteoki no Icchaku step up sewing / Katayama Yuko

Title : コートを縫おう (Coats Sewing)
Author : かたやま ゆうこ (Katayama Yuko)
ISBN No. : 978-4391151497

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Book Flip Through Videos

Book Flip Through Videos of my Japanese Sewing Patterns Book Collection

August 22, 2016

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New Releases – February 2014

February 13, 2014

From this month onwards, I will  be blogging once a month about new releases in Japanese Sewing Books. 🙂

The books I have listed are based on their release dates in February. Some of the new magazines due for release in March have already been listed on some online sites, I want to share them too but I have decided that I will leave them for the next month’s so that the content is more organized. Some of the books/magazines listed below have already been released and available for order, while some are due for release nearer the end of the month so you can only pre-order them.

Click on the images will bring you either to the publisher’s page, or Whenever it is possible I will link it to the page which gives you the most information about the book so that you can search for it from your favorite bookstore. Some publishers also provide sample preview pages so if it is available I will link to those pages so that you can see what is inside the book.

Happy Browsing!


Cotton Friend Spring 2014


Cotton Time March 2014 Edition


外国のおばあちゃんが作ってくれたみたいなバッグの本 おうちの小物やスカートも。
Bags,Small Goods, Skirts etc in Foreign Granny style 


誌上・パターン塾 Vol.1 トップ編
Pattern drafting for Tops with 22 bodice styles, 26 sleeve styles and 40 collar styles


新米ママもらくらく作れる かわいいベビーグッズ
Cute baby goods for new mummies to make


月居良子の かんたん、かわいい まっすぐソーイング かぶる、まく、はおる
Easy, cute, straight sewing by Tsukikyo Ryoko
(Tip : Click on the image above and you can see some screenshots inside the book by the publisher)


Pochhari Girl’s Sewing Book (L-5L sizes)


First time sewing

 More books and magazines coming your way in March! From next month onwards, I will post the new releases on the first week of the month. Stay tuned!

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Book Review – Lock Machine Book

November 16, 2012

I once mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to get hold of this book but it was out of stock. I finally managed to get my hands on it, and it’s good! I bought this book because I was venturing into the world of overlocking and even after playing around with my overlocker, I wasn’t very sure how to adjust the tensions or if I was doing it right. Learning to thread was manageable after many trials and errors, but there was still a learning curve in figuring out how to adjust the tensions, and especially how to sew on knits.

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Bags or Zakka Sewing Patterns Book Reviews Japanese Sewing Books

Book Review – Kids Felt Toys

November 9, 2012

Today’s book review is a very cute book on make-believe felt toys for kids. The title is フエルトのごっこあそび。I went through a period of making felt food quite some time ago, as I can’t really keep my hands still even when I’m watching TV and I’m always wanting to make something. So when I discovered it I was literally sewing everywhere. Since this calls for hand-stitching it is a easy hobby to tote around. That was, until I discovered crochet and moved on.

I bought this book because there were so many cute ideas in it for making toys out of felt. There were so many projects I wanted to make but I have to confess that I haven’t made a single one. Partly because my kids have more or less outgrown “soft” toys. But I was reminded of this book today, when my 18month old niece came to visit, and there were not many suitable toys for her because she is mouthing everything right now. So maybe I have to make her something for Christmas!

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