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Translation Request – V-neck Straight Dress

June 27, 2012

Today’s translation request is from Ritisha, who needed some help with the following nani IRO pattern. I love nani IRO fabrics, but have never sewn with one (because I cannot bear to cut that single piece I have stashed away), and it was only after doing this translation that I realized it was slightly narrower than the usual fabrics (106cm vs 110cm). So there are two cutting diagrams depending on which fabric you use. Interesting!

Click on images for larger view.


The following is the translation of the text under the How-to-do description. The rest of the terms are indicated on the diagrams above.

Completed size
(From left S/M/L)
Bust 96/99/102cm
Length 109.5/110/110.5cm

Material (Amounts are the same for all 3 sizes)
–  Exterior fabric (Cotton linen) 110cm wide or Nani Iro fabric which is 106cm wide – 260cm
(Refer to different cutting diagram for using Nani Iro fabric (106cm) which is the left diagram, or normal width 110cm fabric which is the diagram on the right, but in both cases, use 260cm of fabric)

–  Hook (small) – 4 sets


How to make


  • Iron folded edges of the facing (see preparation diagram below)
  • Serge edges of bodice seam allowance, skirt side seam allowance
  1.  Sew centre front till the stop line
  2.  Attach facing for front and back bodice centre pieces
  3. Sew bodice to skirt. Finish raw edges of bodice and skirt pieces together and fold towards skirt side
  4. Sew side seams from bodice to skirt. Press seam allowances open
  5. For the armholes, fold over twice and stitch (double fold hem)
  6. Stitch skirt hem as shown in the figure
  7. Attach 4 pairs of hooks

New terms learnt and to be added to list.

縫い代を倒す means to press seam allowance to one side
縫い代を割る Press seam allowances open


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  • Reply Lark February 4, 2013 at 11:41 am

    The narrower cutting diagrams is also referring to using the border designs or contrast colors in those Nani Iro fabrics. The width of the selvage border determines which width facing you make.

    I made a version of this dress out of a nice flannel before cutting into my precious Nani Iro fabric. The flannel one has become my favorite nightgown. Both are very comfortable.

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