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Book Review – More! Handmade Wallets

handmadewallets 1

Hot off the press! This book is kind of a “sequel” to an earlier book called  ハンドメイドのお財布 . The book is appropriately titled : もっと!ハンドメイドのお財布 which means “More! Handmade wallets”.  I just saw this book listed a few weeks ago and decided I liked the cover of the newer book better I’m also assuming the patterns […]

Fabric and Book shopping in Singapore (and other cute Japanese stuff)

Instead of talking about fabrics today, I am writing an ad-hoc post on where to buy Japanese sewing books and fabric shopping in Singapore. I have been asked this quite a lot both on this blog and my other blog, so I thought I would use this chance to list down the places that I […]

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Kabanhime


Sorry for the late post. Was trying to (obsessing) finish up a dress. Do you know that feeling? Anyway, today’s title is not strictly correct, because today’s free “patterns” site doesn’t provide any patterns, but shows us how she  made the following items out of simple shapes and rectangles. The website is called Kabanhime - an […]

Book Review – Everyday clothes for girls


Today’s book review is “a sunny spot 女の子のまいにちの服(Heart warming life series, or Everyday clothes for girls. This book is relatively new as it was only published this year in April, I’ve already used two patterns for this book, and there are still a couple more on my sewing list.

Translation Requestion – Chinese Dress

Today’s translation took a long time! When I first saw it I thought it was quite easy. But it turned out that, as I was unfamiliar with the construction of a Chinese dress (it’s actually called the qipao or cheongsam here),  there were several steps that was not quite understandable. I hope it will make […]

Japanese Fabrics – November books


More fabrics from my collection! November books designed by Push-pin for Kokka fabrics. There are many brands under Push-pin, and you can visit their website to see them all. But my favourite of them all has got to be November books. I get attracted to their cute characters and color combinations, it’s always hard to […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Macaroon Pouch


Have you seen the uber cute macaroon pouches? They are cute and tiny  and you can customize them using embroidery, fabrics, even crochet. All you need are some scrap fabrics, a zip and some large covered buttons. Here are some free (with great photo instructions) patterns on how to make them. I found these online […]

Book Review – Cotton Friend

cottonfriend 1

Another sewing magazine review. Cotton Friend usually covers a whole range of crafts, mostly to do with zakka and fabrics. This is the summer edition, and it caught my eye because it says サマーソーイング ”Summer Sewing”.

Translation Requests – Felt Toys for Judy


I’ve been getting more translation requests lately so those of you who have emailed me, please be patient. They are all in the queue! Today’s translation request is from Judy and look at this cute book! Easy, Cute Handmade Felt Mascots by Boutique-Sha (ISBN 978-4-8347-3396-9)

Japanese Fabrics – Decolello by Yuka Saji

decolefabric (2)

Have you heard of Decole? Well, truthfully, I hadn’t. Till I stumbled upon this sale item, and it was so cute I had to buy it. The discounted price helped too of course. It was not till I searched for more information before I realized that Decole is actually a company that owns many “brands”. […]