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Japanese Fabrics – Ecrulat Lycéenne

December 5, 2012

Two weeks ago, while looking for cozy fleece prints, I came across this brand called Ecrulat Lyceénne. Curious to find out more, I googled it and discovered that the designer was none other than Mico Ogura, who is also the designer of Puti de Pome (official blog here – that other line needs blogging about too! Here’s my bag made out of Puti de Pome if you are curious).

But today we are talking about Ecrulat. Ecrulat Lycéenne is a more muted line in terms of colors and even the size of the prints.  The best part is, it is available in so many fabric choices! Not all the prints come in all the fabric choices, but within one brand there are so many options and so many pretty designs. It’s so hard to choose!

Flower Rabbits 100% Cotton Cross Weave
This is sooooooo cute!!! I need to find this!
Top picture from Sanoya on Rakuten 
Bottom two pictures from fabrications 

Flower and Ribbon prints (Corduroy)
Great for cold weather wear like jackets, vests, pants, even on bags.
Images from Isuzu on Rakuten 

This is a linen blend, or they call it a half-linen. It is basically a 45%cotton, 55%linen. The print is so detailed and it looks so sweet on the strappy tank, and it looks just as good on the bag!
Image from fabrications 

Ecrulat Garden (Nylon taffeta)
A lightweight, water repellant fabric great for making raincoats, eco bags etc.
Images from takarabako fabrics

There are also linen tapes and labels. Check these labels out. I love it when they show samples of finished projects because it makes me want to buy not just the label, but the fabric for the bag as well. 😛
Image from Hands matsuke

Next week, there will be no posts fabrics as I will be away. But watch out for a special announcement happening here on Thursday, 13th December 2012!

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  • Reply LucyL December 6, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    That bunny fabric is really cute, and I love that raincoat fabric too! I wish I can find those sources in US…

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