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Book review – Sewing Recipe for Girls

January 18, 2012
Sewing recipe for girls

This was a great find from Kinokuniya in Sapporo. It is a book that covers almost everything you need about sewing. Yes, including how to thread a needle. Included are 8 basic patterns, and each of them comes with at least one applied pattern, which means they will make a variation using the same template and make it look like a whole new garment.

Sewing recipe for girls

The book is by 月居良子 who has written many  lovely sewing books.

Included in this book are 8 basic patterns, some of the projects include detailed step by step photographs.

The projects in this book are meant for girls from 100cm-140cm tall. Please refer to the above chart to gauge the size to make. If your child is a smaller or larger size compared to the sizes on her corresponding height, you can choose it based on the bust/waist/hip size and adjust the length of the skirt/blouse/pants accordingly. I’ve made the mistake before of selecting the size based on the height, but my girl is tall and thin so the dress turned out too wide even though it’s the right length. So now I would use the correct bust size (if making a blouse or a dress) and lengthen the garment to fit her height. Similarly for pants and skirts, select your size based on the waist or hip size and adjust the length accordingly.

Before we start on the projects, she begins by providing a basic lesson on dressmaking, including tools you will need, and step by step pictures of how to trace the patterns and cut out the fabric. Precision is what makes your garment look perfect!

For each of the 8 projects, there will be a basic pattern, as well as an applied pattern. The applied pattern uses the same pattern template but with different details such as length of sleeves/type of sleeves, which makes it look like a different garment altogether. So with one pattern you get 3 designs, which is great for people like me who are lazy in tracing patterns 🙂

For some of the patterns, there are step by step photographs showing you exactly how to make it. For example, the first project has 8 pages worth of photographs and it covers everything from attaching pockets, gathers on sleeves, bias binding, hemming, practically everything you need for the other projects!

And as if that wasn’t enough, she adds on a section on how to do basic hand sewing. Start by threading a needle, then learn how to sew a button. Then basic stitches like blind hems for the invisible hemline look, great for hemming pants! Oh and the list goes on and then look what we have here…..

Learn how to smock! The right way to smock, is to do it with precision. Oh and using a check patterned fabric helps. 🙂

This is an extremely useful book, great for both projects as well as reference. If you were to pick one book to invest in, I would strongly recommend this one. The projects are all quite easy and versatile pieces and the instructions and clear and detailed.

Book title : Sewing recipe for girl’s
Author : 月居良子
ISBN : 978-4-579-11352-1