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New Releases – January 2015

January 23, 2015

Tis the season for bags, wallets and pouches….. and back to school sewing (i.e. more bags and pouches! 🙂 )


Practical School Bags and Pouches
(Sneak preview here | Book details here )

Book Details

bagbook2Book Details

Nihon Vogue is releasing the above two books on the 20th of Jan 2015, which are actually updated and revised from the very popular bag making books first published in 2009 (below) I’m not sure what the differences are, but you can compare them here with the sneak previews
New! Bag Making Basics Book 1  vs Bag Making Basics
New! Bag Making Basics Book 2 vs Bag Making Basics Book 2



Another revised book which seems to be an updated (I see some new designs) + combination (I see designs from both books) of the two handmade wallet books (see below). The description on the publisher’s website says it contains popular works as well as new designs. Now you only need one book, instead of 2. Luckily, I only bought one (read review here)

You can see a selected preview of the new book here


Another revised update??? Not really…

Kurai Muki’s Bag Making Basics Plus

Kurai Muki’s books are known for her detailed instructions, in particular, this previous version of her bag making book (picture below) has been one of my favorites and very frequently referred to.  At first glance, it looks like the same book, till you notice that the bags are, well, kind of different in design in the newer addition. Unfortunately, there’s no sneak preview or Look inside on amazon yet, so we have to refer to the bags on the cover design.


In Japan, the school term starts in April, so this is about the time when all the kiddy fabrics and sewing for school books are released. Some will be released in January and some were released last month in December.


Book Details | Sneak Preview


Book Details  | Sneak Preview


Book Details | Sneak Preview


Book Details


 Finally spotted one sewing book released in December – 主役はスカート
by the same author Yuko Takada 高田 祐子 of She has a Mannish Style , I love Tops and I love Pants. Sounds promising already! There are some pictures of the skirts inside the book on the page. I’m tempted to get this since I really like her style and there are only so many bag books I can buy!



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    bag making book , i want all of them X)

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    thank you for this book review…love it…^^

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