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Sewing Books for Toddler Girls by enanna

August 5, 2013

Kamille left a comment on one of my blog posts recently asking me about sewing books for toddler girls. Specifically for a 12 month old little girl. I have not sewn for anyone so little for years, since my baby just turned 5 (growing up way too quickly!)

I did buy a book recently for the range 80-100cm which is just about right for a 12month girl to maybe 2-3 years old? I actually bought the book by mistake as it was a book on Mama+child matching patterns which I wanted, and the girl on the cover looked about 4 or 5? I somehow failed to see the large purple circle on the cover that said 80-100cm. It also says M and L sizes for Mama.

I might be putting this book up for sale since the sizes don’t fit my girls. But I’m still half hearted about it since the Mama patterns are quite nice.


The book is by 朝井牧子 the lady behind the online shop enanna. The shop specializes in clothes for girls 80-110cm.

Just some of the patterns included in the book. The clothes for Mama + girl are thankfully not completely identical, but rather, runs along the same fabric theme,

or sharing the same shape, with different details and design elements.

A very nice jacket for Mama

and a matching hooded jacket for the girl.


There are two patterns that come with detailed step by step photos like the ones above.

I like how there is a scaled down diagram of the pattern sheet and the pieces you need is highlighted in blue. Really helps with locating the pattern pieces.

For the rest of the patterns without detailed photographs, there are colored diagrams like the ones above.

Actual size paper patterns included. 

Title : 女の子とママのおそるい服
Matching clothes for Girls and Mama 
Author : 朝井牧子
ISBN :  978-4528013025
Sizes : Girl (80-100cm) Mama (M,L)

There are two other books written by the same author that I thought should be good for a toddler girl too since she seems to specialize in toddler patterns. I am using these images from because I don’t have the actual books on hand. I have included the ISBN numbers and titles below each book so that it might help you with your search for the books online. 

There are 18 projects (from A-R) for sizes 80-90cm.

 Title : 80~90センチサイズのかわいいお洋服
(Cute clothes of 80-90cm sizes)
Author : 朝井-牧子
ISBN :  978-4528012981
Sizes : 80-90cm



Title : 80~100センチサイズのかわいい春夏お洋服

Cute Spring and Summer Clothes
Author : 朝井-牧子
ISBN : 978-4528013070
Sizes : 80-100cm 

Hope this helps those of you looking out for cute toddler girl patterns. Happy Sewing!

Book Reviews Japanese Sewing Books Kids Sewing Patterns

Book Review – Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book

October 12, 2012

I received this book together with the More! Handmade Wallets a couple of weeks ago, and I could not wait to share! This is a very new book also published by Nihon Vogue. I check their site out too often and I keep seeing new books that I want! The book title is 子供服ソーイング LESSON BOOK. Which literally means “Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book” The published date on this book is October 7th, but it is usually available before that in the bookstores in Japan, and I ordered mine through Kino’s bookweb during the 20% online sale, which was a fantastic deal given that this book  wasn’t even in the store yet so they had to order it for me 🙂

I was really pleased with this book, given that I only browsed through a couple of pages online before deciding. Sometimes you see a book with lots of promise on the cover, but you get disappointed with the contents. I love this cover, it really gives you an idea of what clothes are included in the book, and I think it’s because there are so many great projects it was hard to choose one to feature! One more thing to say before the jump. If there was only 1 book you can choose to buy for sewing kids clothes, this is the one to get. Or if you are deciding to get your very first Japanese sewing book (for kids), this is the one to get!

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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – ham*a

September 10, 2012

Back to school! I can’t decide if I like school holidays. I enjoy the sleeping in, but by mid week I’m out of ideas to entertain the kids. It didn’t help that the weather was really bad for outdoor activities last week.

Anyway, I survived, and found some new free patterns!

Today’s free patterns is from a site called ham*a. This lady has a web shop selling some patterns and kids clothes as well,  but as of this posting everything seems to be sold out. She has some pretty good (and free!) patterns on her site though. The link is here. The finished products look like those you can get from books, but for free! Point to note though, some of the patterns are incomplete. I’m not sure whether the links have been removed or it was moved to her shop, and some of the patterns require some extra work, for example, the dress on the top right is a modification of a simple bodice pattern with an attached frilly skirt. The pattern provides the pattern for the frills but not the bodice. So it does take some figuring out. But looking at the end results, I feel like trying it out even if it seems a little difficult? Especially  the puff sleeve yoke dress and the dress on the top right. If I can’t find the right pattern I might draw one of my own!

For those patterns with instructions and pattern, just click on the links as shown above. The seam allowances are not included. As for terms of use, it is stated that you should not sell them at auctions (i.e. online shops), so just making them for personal use should be fine. And of course, no re-selling of patterns!

That’s all for today! See you guys on Wednesday for a post about fabrics. Have a good day!

P.S. Did you notice the site redesign? I left everything in the same position but changed the colors and fonts. Do you like it? Let me know!

Book Reviews Japanese Sewing Books Kids Sewing Patterns

Book Review – Polka Drops

August 24, 2012

So glad it’s Friday at last. Do you look forward to book reviews on Fridays? Today’s title is シンプル&デサイン おんなの子服 おとこの子服。Directly translated it’s Simple & Design Girls and Boys clothes. I am guessing the “&” is redundant here. Simple Design clothes for Girls and Boys?

This book is for sizes 90-130cm and there are 25 patterns in all. Some of them can be used for both boys and girls. For example, T-shirts, shirts, outerwear. Continue Reading