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Book Review – Cotton Friend

September 14, 2012

Another sewing magazine review. Cotton Friend usually covers a whole range of crafts, mostly to do with zakka and fabrics. This is the summer edition, and it caught my eye because it says サマーソーイング ”Summer Sewing”.

A quick glance at the Recipe Index shows that there are lots of projects for both Mom and Kid (Boys and girls included). Yay!

Some Mom projects first. I’ll just be showing a couple of projects from each category because there were too many photos to cover. 🙂

I love this outfit and how she dresses it up with a corsage and necklace.

Crisp white shirt (actually a tunic)

This is a variation of the tunic above, but with added ties for a less baggy look.

Hats (this is just one of them, there are couple of designs available in the book)

One of the more interesting bags included. There are other bag patterns included as well.

Pretty apron! How can I bear to use this for cooking? or getting it dirty?

Some matching knitwear for Mom and daughter. This section is sponsored by the famous serger company of course, see the wavy rolled hem on the little girl’s skirt?

Kids Summer clothes.

Simple top design + beautiful fabric + model with attitude! Looks good!

Hoodie Jacket for the boys.

Love the irregular polka dots, love the poncho, with a matching pouch!

One of the hats for girls

One of the hats/caps for boys.

Special section on recycling used clothes, especially Mom and Dad’s old t-shirts.

A little vest recycled from a onesie!

Just an excerpt from the pattern showing you how the cut out the fabric from the old t-shirt. Great idea!

Now for little accessories. A kid apron and school tote.

Very interesting lunch bag idea.

Introduction of new craft tools in the market – some kind of weaving/knitting tool. Step by step photos included of course.

I saw these on Etsy once and was wondering how it was done. This kit includes the resin and other chemicals needed, as well as UV machine to set the pendant.

Another interesting idea, iron-on laminates on paper (the bag right on top is from newspaper and the pouch below is a serviette), and using it for sewing. I’m not sure how sturdy this would be though.

Make your own thread spool holder. Something that has been on my to-do list for a loooong time.


There are couple of projects that include step by step photographs like the ones above. I think this is really the way to go for sewing patterns.

For the rest of the patterns, the diagrams are like this. Hmm.. this top has only 3 pattern pieces to trace. Looks like a quick to do project that I might be able to accomplish this weekend???

Sizes included

Sizes included for Adults
(Top row dimensions : bust, waist, hip, back length, sleeve length, rise, inseam, height)

Sizes included for kids
(Bust, waist, hip, back length, sleeve length, rise, inseam)

Unfortunately, there is no ISBN number as it is a periodical, but I’m sure if you search Cotton Friend Summer 2012, you should be able to track it down.

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