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Book Review – 1 day sewing

March 1, 2012
1 day summer clothes cover

Today’s book review is on making summer clothes for girls. Easy, quick, 1 day sewing.

1 day summer clothes cover

I picked up this book just based on the cover photo. I didn’t even look through it. By the way, in case you are wondering, the Kinokuniya here likes to shrink wrap all their books to prevent browsing. I think it’s a great idea because the books are always in mint condition, but you’ll have to carry them to the counter to browse through the book. So sometimes when I have lots of time I will do that, otherwise I just buy based on the cover pic! 😉

There are 39 different garments to be made from this book. Some of them are variations of the same pattern, but with different lengths and details. For example, the two tops on the front cover are actually variations of the same pattern but one has a longer bodice section and frills on the bottom edge.

I love these two tops/dresses, my girl likes these dresses too because she can wear tights with them.

Pretty 3 tiered skirts.

Rompers! The book calls them all-in-ones. But it’s sweet and great for outdoor play.

You can wear shorts and still look girly 🙂

This book does not have step by step photographs, but I thought these diagrams were quite useful. They illustrate the meanings of the terms, like バストon the first diagram on the left shows the bust line of the blouse.

Another useful diagram is this, where it shows you the terms and the corresponding area of the body it refers to, so you can match the terms and take the measurements accordingly to find the right size to make!

Note that this book only caters to 90,100,110cm sizes. Each of the pattern will begin with these two tables. The one on the left indicates materials needed based on the size you are making. And the one on the right indicates the completed garment size.

As mentioned before, there are no photographs, but at least the steps are showin in diagrams. I think this is quite a good book as the projects are simple and can be done quickly, and the diagrams are clear and do not require much translation.

 Book title : 1 day ソーイング 今着せたい女の子の夏服
Author :  加藤容子
ISBN :  978-4-8347-3227-6

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