Book Review – Ruko’s Felt Sweets

Today’s book review is a pure eye candy book. Literally!

The book is Ruko’s Original Sweets made of Felt. The author is 南木裕子 (Nanmoku Hiroko). And these are her lovely creations. The sweets/cakes are all hand sewn and every piece is like a work of art.

Yes they are made of felt. The details are just amazing. They are almost too good to eat.

Other than felt, she uses beads, fabric paint and gel paint to create 3D effects.

I love this apple pie. The crust looks so real!

There is even a section on special occasion cakes like this Wedding cake!

The patterns are all included with the how-to-make sections.

The instructions are mostly in diagrams so it’s quite easy to follow.

There are also step by step photos for a few of the projects. Most of these techniques are applied throughout the rest of the projects so it’s a great reference later on when you need to make the same components but on a different project.

A picture of the author on the last page. You can check out her website here. Especially her gallery of completed projects which includes sewing and quilt projects.

I bought this book at the start of my felt food craze but found that I never had the patience to go through an entire project. Most of the felt food I make becomes toys for my kids so I can’t bear to make such a nice “cake” for them to mess around with. So it’s really an eye candy book for me. But if you are interested and you love making intricate little pieces like this one, it is really a good book because it covers all the details on how to make the felt food more realistic and life-like.

Title : Ruko のフェルトのソイーツ (Ruko’s original Sweets made of felt)
Author :  南木裕子 (Nanmoku Hiroko)
ISBN : 978-4-07-269009-3


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3 Responses

  1. Rebecca says:

    she does such intricate work, so tiny, wow
    and I enjoyed looking at her quilts
    Thank you for sharing her book.
    I’m still sewing grandchild clothing and I’m loving the one or two pieces to the pattern for like making a dress.

  2. Lilian says:

    Hi! Thanks for this recommendation! I will try to look for her book as I’m into some felt-craze now. Especially for my daughter. Do you know where to get affordable felt? Thanks! And have a nice day.

    • Japanese Sewing Books says:

      Hi Lilian, Daiso sells them in all sorts of colors and sizes. The other places are Art Friend and Spotlight, but I find that Daiso is the cheapest.

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