Japanese Fabrics – Printed Cotton Linen

There is a Rakuten fabric shop  called Stylistgoto that I follow on Facebook, and every so often it just tempts me with the new goodies they have in store. :P And right now it seems to be back to school sewing season in Japan because they keep posting these gorgeous cotton linen fabric perfect for making back to school goods.

A collection of fairy tale characters, in stamp-like boxes. Super cute. Check out the selvedge in the top picture!

I love these simple but colorful illustrations of fairy tale characters on a plain unbleached linen background. There are many many many variations in this fabric + print combination. Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf is a really common theme, but Pinochio is cute too. Can you read the words? It says ” I’ll be a good boy” and “You look very happy”… Mothers of little boys will love this print :P

Another ballet fabric from Petit Ecole. I still have last year’s fabric, unused. But still cannot resist looking at more ballet themed fabrics.

Just to show you one more. I cannot resist cute+pink+ballet fabrics!

Ok, enough with pink. Here’s something for the boys too… Trains, and boats. It looks very much like something out of a little Golden Book doesn’t it?

I have yet to meet a boy who is not crazy about cars. So here’s a car print for the car fanatics :P

There are lots of train fabrics every season of course. But I think this is so interesting. All the different types of train fronts. And some train crossing signs too.

For the animal + dinosaur lovers. I don’t know how they make the dinosaurs look so cute. I particularly like the color combination of the fabric on the top.

This fabric above is apparently a hot seller. All types of heavy duty vehicles. I have 3 nephews, I can’t quite understand the obsession with vehicles. But I know they will love this fabric.

I have to finish this post off with a fabric great for both boys and girls! Recognize the bear fabric below that I posted on my FB page? I bought it on my recent trip. It was not part of the shopping list, but when I saw it I knew I needed to have it. I don’t know what I will make with it yet I just needed to bring it home with me. Anyway, I took some time to decide between the pink one and another color (not shown here). Pink won in the end. again…

All the images above are from the Rakuten shop – Stylistgoto. Click on the pictures to access the corresponding item on their website. Or like their Facebook page to see their latest fabrics.


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6 Responses

  1. Pratima says:

    Adorable!! Thank you for sharing these cuties! I love Japanese fabrics and recently came across your website. Thank you for all your hardwork.. I am enjoying your fun posts :)

  2. Fantastic fabrics! I especially love the car print for car fanatics! My son would love something made out of that!

  3. naii says:

    ohh. all of them are beautiful!

  4. bunny's handmade says:

    very nice fabrics! :)

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