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Cucito Spring 2013

April 22, 2013

Finally got my hands on this. In Singapore’s Kinokuniya, the magazines come from two sources. One is directly imported from Japan, and the other is through a magazine supplier in Hong Kong. I don’t know how it works because both copies are printed in Japan and similar in quality, but the direct import which arrives at the bookshop much earlier, is double the price of the one from the magazine supplier. Maybe one is flown in and the other takes a ship. The official publication date was 28th February, and I only found this magazine in the bookstore slightly more than a week ago which means it is more than a month of waiting. The price difference was significant enough to make me wait, so here it is at last 🙂

The magazine starts off with a series of co-ordinates for both boys and girls. There are 23 projects in all covered in the co-ordinates section. Like this twirly knit tunic with giant collars.

It has very pointy sides and large buttons on the cuff. Very interesting shape 🙂

 Pattern for all the co-ordinates you see in the pictures are included. Each of the co-ordinate item is given a number,

so that you can combine the co-ordinates in different ways to give you a variety of different looking outfits.

 Just follow the numbers to achieve the same look!

 This looks like a one-piece dress,

but it’s actually a blouse + skirt made using the same fabric.

Clever isn’t it? You can then use the co-ordinates separately in other outfits.

 Some stylish looks for the boys too…

 Check out the baggy pants! I hear Ice Ice Baby in my head when I see pants like this 😛

 Next up, a section on matching Mama + kids outfits. I love that fabric on the skirts! Very Marimekko but not quite. I’ll see if I can track it down.

The skirts project come with step by step photographs.

Complete the matching outfits with matching bags. Patterns are  provided for the bags as well.

A very cute matching set. A little too balloon-y on the Mum but so adorable on the girl!

 Matching bottoms for Mama, girl and boy. Not quite the same pattern for each but co-ordinated in terms of fabric choice. A great way to have a matching outfit with your kids without looking identical.

A regular feature on Cucito, sewing projects for school goods.

 Raincoats are perfect for school excursions!

 This cute little waist pouch is a great idea for turning fabric scraps into something pretty and practical. Great for kids to carry their favorite collections around with them at all times, but keeping their hands free for more important things like climbing 😛

Some of the projects in the school goods section come with colored diagrams like this.

Hair accessories for the girls. This section is actually to promote a new series of products called Laco Lab where the co-ordinating fabrics and lace is ready cut for you in the right lengths to make the hair accessories. But the dimensions and how-to-make are provided in the instructions, so you can make them with your own supplies even if you can’t buy the same kits.

 Combination of lace + crochet ribbons.

Now, some sewing for the little ones… Cucito is a sewing magazine for kids, so baby patterns are included as well.

 Everything looks cute in miniature sizes doesn’t it?

Super cute pants with a sewn on apron and a ribbon tie at the back. Too cute!

 A bib with shoulder straps as well. I’m hope it helps to keep the bibs on for slightly longer. What caught my eye is actually the cute giraffe print!

Now for some accessories. What’s trending in the fashion world for girls?

 Fake collars! Jazz up a plain t-shirt immediately with a fake collar.

 A very sweet combination of lace and embroidery.

A Skirts special!

For those dress-up days.

Ruffly skirts. Love the fabric combinations on these.

 Remember this fabric from the fabric post two weeks ago? Here’s the picture of the skirt on the little model. Awww…..

Flare skirt with frills details on the hem.

 Step by step photos are included for the ruffle skirt pattern.

 For the rest of the projects, instructions are given in diagrams.

 Patterns are included at the back. The pictures of the project on each side of the pattern paper is indicated in pictures, which makes it a lot easier to find!

Sizes included in this magazine :
Babies : 70cm-90cm
Kids : 90,100,110,120/130 (some projects include up to 130, some only include up to 120)
Mama : S,M,L

Next issue is due 28th of May. We probably won’t see it here till June, but the Summer issues usually contain a lot of useful projects for me because of our hot weather over here. So I’m definitely getting that one.

Also, there will be a Spring magazine giveaway coming up soon, look out for the announcement in the next few days! 🙂



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