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Book Review – Adorable Felted Animals

June 13, 2017

This is the follow up to the last post about Needle Felting. The second needle felting book, also published by Tuttle, is all about Adorable Felted Animals.

The difference between this book and the last? The last book was more cute and symbolic figures, whereas this book is all about making animals and making them look life-like! Personally I feel that this is an incredibly difficult task. It is hard enough to make something out of a bundle of wool already, and to make it look so lifelike as well? Oh well, the title of the book says Easy, and apparently this book received lots of good reviews on Amazon as well, so I think those of you who are into Needle felting will definitely enjoy taking your craft to the next level. It may not be as difficult as you think!

Here are some of the incredibly lifelike and adorable animals I really like in this book.


A Japanese Shiba


Chinchilla Silver Cat (left) and Norwegian Forest Cat (Right)


A Shih Tzu


Use them as phone strap decorations! This will be a great gift, especially for dog lovers. You can use the patterns and lessons in the book and customize one that looks just like your own dog!


In order to make the animals more life like, florist wires are used to keep the animals poses in position. A step by step lesson with photos for each step (5 pages in all) is included for the Golden Retriever. Many of the steps in this project are used throughout all the projects so this is a really useful lesson.


Some information about the tools  you will need before starting on needle felting.


A sample of the instructions for each project.


and here’s the flip-through book review where you get to see more of the projects in the book. Lots of dogs, cats, rabbits and even a few birds and chipmunks. Enjoy!

Buy now from (Affiliate link)

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