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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Handmade SunMoon

May 28, 2012

It’s the beginning of the school holidays here and it’s hard trying to put a blog post together with the kids asking me questions every few minutes! Lol…

Anyhow, today’s link to free patterns is a website called Handmade SunMoon. She does not have many projects yet but there are some interesting ones which I think will be very useful… or just interesting to make!

Check out the baby carrier on the top right. I’ve  seen many Japanese ladies carry their babies in this and the babies look so comfortable in it. On the bottom left is toilet paper cover. I know it sounds weird but yes it is meant to keep your spare toilet rolls clean and pretty in the bathroom. The bottom right is a toilet roll dispenser cover (the pink one below is to keep your spare roll when the one in the dispenser runs out. There is also a diaper change pouch for those of you with babies.

Some of the instructions are entirely in Japanese, so you might need to use translation tools to make sense. But some of the projects have step by step photographs like this so it is very easy to follow.

As most of the patterns are made from simple shapes, there is not much pattern tracing, just remember everything is in cm!

Note that on her homepage, there is also a message from the blogger on the terms of use of her free patterns. It is ok to sell projects made from her patterns, but do credit her website if you do so. Also, resale of her patterns are strictly not allowed.

Alright, have fun browsing her site and happy sewing!

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